Honoring our elders through massage - the science, the art

Offering nationally approved courses in Geriatric Massage, Ethics, and Chair Massage.

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What Is Geriatric Massage and why is it important?

'Geriatric' refers to health impairments that are caused due to aging. Touch is the core ingredient of  massage, which combines science with art, and conveys a sense of caring. Seniors often experience fragility and isolation, and as a result can become withdrawn and  depressed. Geriatric massage techniques performed by licensed therapists are safe, non-invasive and can help reconnect seniors to their bodies and minds.

Having cared for her aging father, who was stricken Alzheimer's, Sheila Alexander redirected her career focus to the growing senior population to provide them with the many benefits of geriatric massage. Her work led to a desire to teach fellow massage therapists this profound work and show elder care and hospice centers how to integrate geriatric massage & spa therapies into their wellness programs.

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